Integrate Everything...In the Cloud

Kynetx is great for taking action in context because it can tie into multiple disparate systems and make decisions based on the data that they provide. In-context applications take advantage of the metadata that organizations have sitting around to improve business processes and provide additional value. Kynetx lets IT organizations build composite applications and business processes from loosely-coupled resources using just rules, links and metadata references. Code is only necessary for extending the platform with new capabilities and connection types. The loosely-coupled nature of the solutions make them flexible and adaptable. While specialized systems require specialized integration and customization, Kynetx is designed and built from the ground up for interoperability, it assumes diversity and change, so it can flexibly work with any sources, targets and workloads.

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The LiveWeb processing model supports

  • Integration applications
  • Analytics applications
  • Transactional applications
  • Business processes (structured as well as unstructured)
  • Case-management (traditional and adaptive)

Business Benefits

Business benefits include:

  • Break down IT silos with system-wide interactions that can be customized with adaptable, flexible solutions
  • Improve operational responsiveness with personalization
  • Accelerate solution delivery
  • Connect “Islands of Automation” for end-to-end value-chains
  • Develop new value-added services


LiveWeb Platform can been used for

  • Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM) and Adaptive Case Management (ACM). Flexible integration leads to resilient solutions.
  • Governance/Risk/Compliance (GRC) and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM): detected or synthesize events trigger system actions (alerts, notifications, etc.) and human workflows (investigations, board reviews, etc.)
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Kynetx LiveWeb responds to events from devices to provide real-time, contextual responses.


The Kynetx architecture features

  • Declarative, event-based interactions for immediate, responsive applications
  • REST intermediary for managing and using Web APIs
  • Real-time semantic enterprise application integration
  • Horizontally-scalable for efficient usage of IT compute infrastructure
  • Built-in identity for automated multi-tenant applications

Technical Benefits

Technical benefits include:

  • Rationalize the governance of services and APIs
  • Improve lifecycle management of composite apps
  • Consolidate infrastructure and reduce middleware
  • Create flexible rules for managing disparate systems
  • Fully dynamic (no compile or build time; non-disruptive, cloud-deployed updates)
  • Cloud-based or on-premise deployment

Supported Models

The Kynetx Platform supports

  • Social (LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook, etc.)
  • Mobile (iOS, Android, HTML5)
  • Cloud (Public Cloud, Private Cloud, On-Premise Deployment)
  • In-browser applications that augment existing Web applications
  • Autonomous software agents that intelligently respond to client-requests

Case Studies

The LiveWeb platform has been used in several high-profile projects including the following.

Dun and Bradstreet — D&B360

Kynetx used the LiveWeb platform to create a unique product for Dun and Bradstreet called D&B360. D&B360 is designed to work with any of nine different CRM systems and enhance them by integrating Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, and up to 20 other data sources. D&B360 users saw this data for any person or company that they looked up in their CRM system, giving them a 360 degree view of their contact.

D&B360 made use of the LiveWeb platform’s built-in Web API capabilities to tie disparate systems together to create seamless experience for users. The LiveWeb platform’s event-based rules engine, persistent objects, and built-in identity and multi-tenancy models were instrumental in making this project flexible and cost efficient.


SWIFT, the global payments company selected Kynetx to create production-quality demonstrations of how SWIFT could use it’s money transfer expertise to also help companies security transmit business data products such as insurance documents, bills of lading, and invoices for the SIBOS 2012 conference.

Kynetx used the LiveWeb platform to created a complete interaction among almost a dozen separate participants that shows how data, documents, and identity information can easily flow between people, companies, and government agencies in an ecommerce scenario that involved the private sale of a motorcycle between two parties.

The SWIFT engagement made extensive use of the LiveWeb platform’s capabilities to integrate data from multiple APIs, manage user identities, and create flexible and responsive workflows.

Visa RightCliq

Visa chose the LiveWeb platform to power the Visa RightCliq product in 2010. RightCliq was an online shopping tool that helped shoppers manage payments and receipts. The LiveWeb platform was used to integrate Visa’s backend systems with browsers and email systems. Kynetx built rules to recognize and process receipts, whether delivered by Web or email, from the top 300 ecommerce sites.

Using LiveWeb, Visa allowed shoppers to link their identities on multiple ecommerce sites, The built-in multi-tenancy of the LiveWeb platform made this task easy and flexible. Rules concentrated logic about various Web sites and email formats into a single, convenient place rather than having it scattered around the system in ad hoc code.